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Preparing for Civils Interview: Read this Post (Post 2)

Interview 6: Mr Tiru (in his own words, find IAS interview experience below)

Chairman: You passed out from college in 2002, this is 2009, what were you doing after that.
- I recounted my experience from wipro, infosys and eaton after college and told that I am working currently in aerospace industry in the field of actuation and control systems as a senior engineer with a leading aerospace organization.
Chairman: What is your nature of work?
- I explained
Chairman: You have already crossed the age limit for civil services and I don't think you will grow to the highest level of civil services with the remaining number of years of service. Why then should you come into the services?
- I gave an elaborate explanation
Chairman: Ok, then tell me about the evolution of civil services in India.
- I somehow tackled it. But I was very poor with facts here
Chairman: You don't seem to know much about history. Do you atlest know something about Bhagat Singh?
Chairman: Tell me why Bhagat Singh was arrested? Where?
Chairman: What is the difference between UPSC and other commissions like Human rights commission, competition commission etc?
- I answered these questions but not to the satisfaction level of the chairman (I might have read him wrong....hope so)
Then chairman gave it over to other members
Member 1: Why did you take Pali as an optional?
Member 1: Can Pali be used to understand Indus valley civilization? How does it help?
Member 1: Do you blog? (my hobby). What do you blog?
Member 1: What is 2x, 3x, 5x in pyschology? (I didn't know this)
Member 2: Do you read MS Swaminathan's articles? What does he say about the level of food consumption coming down an all that. By what value it has come down in last decade as per his view?(I didn't know).
Member 2: What is the population density of India?
Member 2: How would you compare the density of India with China? Which is higher and by how much?
Member 2: What do you know about Biofuels? Do you think it will solve the fuel problem in India? What is your opinion on it?
Member2: Did Buddha believe in God? Did Buddha think that God is required to attain Nirvana?
Member 3: If Pali is interesting as you said, then so is maths? Why didn't you then take mathematics?
Member 3: When did the Fort williams college operate in India? For how long?
Member 3: How do you ensure that the facts that you read are authentic? (he asked me this as one of my answers was wrong and upon asking where did i read it, I told him that i don't remember but it must be in one of the books)
Member 3: If a student is doing a project in which he has to refer internet, what suggestion would you give in order to ensure that he uses only authentic material?
Member 4: What is G20? Is India a member or an invitee? Why are they meeting this week and where?
Chairman: Your interview is over now. You can leave.
I got up and wishes all the board members a nice day. Only one board member replied by saying that you too have a nice day.

Courtesy: http://jiasaraidays.blogspot.com/?expref=next-blog

Interview 7 : Mr Raju

Raju: May I come in Sir?
Chairman: Yes, please.
Raju: Good morning, Sir. Good morning, Madam. Good morning, Sirs.
Chairman: You are Mr...
Raju: (Still in standing position), Matyalaraju Revu Sir.
(Chairman is writing something. Other members are keenly watching the candidate.)
Member 2: Please take your seat.
Raju: Thank you, sir.
Chairman: Mr. Revu, You did B.Tech from REC Warangal, ME from IISc, Bangalore. But why did you do diploma?
Raju: Sir, After completion of my 10th class, based on my financial background, my father joined me in polytechnic. After completion of polytechnic, we do get jobs. Also, since I will get scholarship, the amount of money spent on me is less.
Chairman: That means you will get job after diploma.
Raju: Yes Sir, I got a private job. Company is Cain energy limited.
Chairman: Then, why did you join B.Tech?
Raju: Sir, After completion of my diploma, I wrote ECET and I got state 1st rank. So I convinced my father that I will join REC which is a premier Engineering institute in our state.
Chairman: Then, you joined ME because your father insisted on that?
Raju: No Sir, It is based on my project guide ճ suggestion.

Sir, infact there are two streams to enter into B.Tech. One through EAMCET after Intermediate and other is through ECET. After ECET...

Chairman: What question I have asked?
Raju: Sorry Sir, you have asked me why I joined ME after B.Tech.
Chairman: OK. Then stick on to the question.
Raju: Sir, I am explaining it.
Chairman: Be specific.
Raju: OK sir, during my final year I got all India rank 3 in Gate. My guide on knowing this result suggested me to join IISc. He further told that this is the golden opportunity for me. ԉf you miss it you will not get it again! ՠ he told sir. Then, I informed about my career option as civil services. He then convinced me by saying that I can write civil services after M.E. also.

Chairman: That means you are preparing for civil services while you are in IISc?
Raju: I beg to differ with you sir. I started my preparation only after completion of M.E.
Chairman: You have written that you joined Railways in September 2004. That is of which exam?
Raju: Sir, This is based on IES-2003.
Chairman: That means you are in IISc.
Raju: Sir, I completed my second semester at that time.
Chairman: That means you have prepared for IES in IISc.
Raju: Sir, I have given IES in my own background i.e., Electrical Engineering. Hence I need not prepare much for this exam. I just gave the exam.
Chairman: For how many years you are in Railways?
Raju: Sir, I joined Railways on September 2004. Then I took leave for 1 year, i.e., leave on loss of pay.
Chairman: What did you do in that year?
Raju: Sir, I have prepared for this exam.
Chairman: How many months you are in Railways?
Raju: Sir, roughly 5 months.
Chairman: That means you are in Railways till February.
Raju: Sir, I am in Railways till the result of civil services exam 2005 was out. I was given leave for interview preparation in March.
Chairman: Then what did you do after the declaration of the result?
Raju: Sir, Once the result of out, I came to know that I will get IPS. So, I convinced my director for leave to appear civil services again. My director gave me leave.
Chairman: When did you join IPS?
Raju: Sir, I joined IPS on December 18, 2006.
Chairman: Which part of training you missed?
Raju: Sir, I missed foundation training in Mussorie. At SVPNPA, training started on December 18, 2006. So, I haven մ missed any training at Hyderabad.
Chairman: How many days you have taken leave for interview?
Raju: Sir, 4 days.

Member 2: How was your IPS training?
Raju: Sir, training is good and we are enjoying every aspect of training.
member 2: What are you learning in training?
Raju: Sir, our training is divided into two parts. Indoor and outdoor. In indoor, we have subjects like police in modern India, criminology and law subjects like IE Act, CrPC, IPC and other subjects.
Member 2: You are in IPS for 4 months. So I can ask some questions.
Raju: Yes, sir.
Member 2: Do you aware that the confession admitted to police is not allowed as witness. Why?
Raju: Yes sir. Confession admitted to police is not allowed as witness. Since there is always a possibility of getting the confession in the way the police like, law doesn մ allow it.
Member 2: What is Res gestae?
Raju: Sir, All the circumstances leading to the same transaction are allowable as evidence.
Member 2: You are on the line. Could you explain more?
Raju: (after 2-3 seconds), If some people wanted to commit dacoity and in the process if they theft a vehicle, eventhough theft of vehicle is not connected with dacoity but it is admissible as it forms the circumstance leading to dacoity.
Member 2: Could you tell me the section which deals with Res gestae?
Raju: Sorry sir, I could not remember the exact section.
Member 2: Then how sections you were taught in IE Act?
Raju: Sir, In our academy our sirs are not teaching according to sections. They are teaching the sections which are more useful for the police at first.
Member 2: Do you aware of RTI?
Raju: Yes. Sir. It is Right to Information Act.
Member 2: What are the provisions in RTI?
Raju: Sir, According to provisions of RTI, every government department has to nominate one officer as information commissioner to give information about duties, responsibilities and functions of various officers working in those departments...
Member 2: Then what is the benefit to common man?
Raju: Sir, Common man can know the functions, duties & responsibilities of various officers. They can know the status of their applications. This also increases transparency and accountability of officers. Hence reduces corruption.
Member 2: How can you say that people will get required information?
Raju: Sir, There is a provision in RTI that any one who refuses to give information or delays 30 days for giving information, they are liable for cut in salary.
Member 2: How much salary cut?
Raju: Sir, I think it is 250 Rs./ day.
Member 2: It is not cut from salary. It is separately cut.
Raju: Thank you Sir.
Member 2: Can you tell me what is the maximum limit?
Raju: Sorry sir, I don մ know.

Chairman: Your hobbies are meditation, motivating others and Indian Mythology. Don մ you think that all are inward looking?
Raju: Sir, Whenever possible I play cricket in addition my hobbies, which is a team game.

Member 2: Tell me which countries will reach final in the present world cup?
Raju: Sir, I think Australia and Srilanka.
Member 2: Already two countries reached semifinals i.e., Sri Lanka & Newzealand. What do you think about other two?
Raju: Sir, I beg to differ with you. Actually three countries i.e., Srilanka, New Zealand and Australia reached semifinals. 4th team depends on the outcome of the today ճ match between England & South Africa.
Member 2: Do you know about fly ash?
Raju: Sir, Thermal power stations produce fly ash while generating electrical power.
Member 2: Which state is using it more? Definitely it is not Haryana, My own state.
Raju: Sorry Sir, I don մ know.

Member 3 : (X-A) (X-B) has highest X power of 2. Do you agree?
Raju: Yes, Sir.
Member 3: (X-A) (X-B) (X-C) has highest X power...
Raju: 3, Sir.
Member 3: Then, tell me. What is the answer for (X-A) (X-B).... (X-Z).
Raju: (after 3-4 seconds), It must be Zero. Sir, because of the presence of the term (X-X).
Member 3: Whom do you think a greatest mathematician of all times?
Raju: Sir, Srinivasa Ramanujan, because even though he lived for only 33 years, he contributed more to mathematics in the areas like Numerical methods, Solution of algebraic equations, number theory like prime numbers etc.

Member 3: Can you tell me the formula for prime numbers?
Raju: Sir, exactly I don մ know but recently IIT, Kanpur professor along with his students wrote a software program which gives whether a number is prime or not within less time.
Member 3: You are an electrical engineer. Tell me where prime numbers are used?
Raju: Sir, they are used in coding.
Member 3: I am asking a question in your engineering only. Tell me how prime numbers are used in coding?
Raju: Sir, exactly I don մ know. But to the best of my knowledge, if the code length is prime, decoding and encoding are easy.
Member 3: You are on the line, but not exact answer.
Member 1: Your hobbies are meditation, motivating others and Indian Mythology. What you do in motivation?
Raju: Madam, many of classmates and Juniors came to me for clearing their doubts in subjects as I am the toper of my class. I usually listen to their problems regarding their understanding of concepts as many have problems either in one or many subjects. I tell them that every subject is easy if knew the concepts clear and we should like the subject what we are studying...
Madam: Do your response same for all?
Raju: Madam, I usually spend more time with those who are very much lagging. I take classes to clear their doubts.
Madam: Then do you call it motivation or strategic learning?
Raju: Madam, strategic learning may be the correct term.
Madam: What is the difference between these two?
Raju: Madam, motivation is a general term which includes not only academic motivation but also others like psychological, etc., Madam, I don մ know exactly the meaning of strategic learning.

Madam: Which books you read in Indian Mythology?
Raju: Madam, I read Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Madam: Since your hobbies are motivating others and Indian Mythology, tell me how Krishna motivated Arjuna?
Raju: Madam, When Arjuna refused to fight with friends, teachers, Krishna told him that it is the duty of the king to protect Dharma and fight wars for protecting it. We should not move away from our duty. Since soul is immortal and of which is born, death is certain, of which death happened, birth is certain. Hence you should not think that you are committing crime. Also he motivated him by saying that we should do our work only. We should not think about the results of our actions. Otherwise, attachment to the results will occur which is a major reason for unhappiness.

Madam: Do you practise it?
Raju: Madam, It is very difficult to practise.

Madam: Why?
Raju: Madam, for example, if we are about to play a cricket match, we will think about the winning of the match which is actually the result of the playing that match.

Madam: One last question. What kind of training our team got during our last year world cup?
Raju: Madam, exactly I am not able to recollect it. But it is like ҷe can do it this time Ӽ /span>
Madam: Sorry, It is not last year world cup but it is 2003 world cup. The team was given psychological training.
Raju: Yes, Madam
Member 4: You studied your B.Tech. from REC Warangal and M.E. from IISc Bangalore. Do you proud of your institutions like IISc?
Raju: Sir, I am proud that I have studied in a great institution like IISc, which according UNESCO survey conducted in 1997 was in 18th place among world universities. Recently a Chinese university conducted a survey in which IISc was placed at around 250th position.
Member 4: Do you think that 250th position is a good position?
Raju: Sir, even though it is not a good position, the position depended on the parameters they have taken into consideration like no. of nobel laureates present, no. of research papers presented, etc.
Member 4: Who are nobel laureate present in IISc?
Raju: Sir, now there is no nobel laureate in IISc. Earlier Sir C.V.Raman worked in IISc. Now, there are two internationally reputed professors working there.
Member 4: Last year government proposed to stop B.Tech entry into IITs. Do you support that?
Raju: Sir, I support it. Sir, due to hectic schedule, the professors of IITs are not able to concentrate much on research. Once the B.Tech entry is stopped, they will get more time for research and quality of research will increase.
Member 4: Don մ you think the quality of B.Tech students will reduce as IITs are known for better professors?
Raju: Sir, those students who are earlier eligible for entry into IITs, they will join NITs. Since they are the core students I don մ think the quality will reduce. But the professors in other institutes should get sufficient training to reach the level of IIT professors.
Member 4: You agree to that proposal. But the government has withdrawn the proposal due to very good argument against it. Can you tell me?
Raju: Sorry sir, I don մ know.
Member 4: What do you think is responsible for reduction in research?
Raju: Sir, IISc is not able to retain those students who completed M.E. and other courses there. One reason is brain drain, Sir. Second one is that research is not attractive in India, Sir. For example, in our batch out of 230 students who completed M.E. only 2 joined for Ph.D. in IISc. At the end of our M.E. we got campus placements. The minimum salary is around 6 lakhs/ annum. It is attracting most of us. Those who are really interested in research, they are going abroad as they will get more money and research is attractive there. Here, a Ph.D. student gets 12,000 - 15,000 Rs per month. Also material considerations have risen these days, sir. We have to include some compulsory courses in morale & ethics to stop this.
Member 4: Instead of choosing job or research, why did you choose services as career option?
Raju: Sir, The incident that took place in my village in November 2000, when I am in 3rd year of B.Tech, has changed my career options. Nearby Engineering college students came to our village for picnic as our village has excellent beach. 7 of them drowned in the Bay of Bengal and all of them has taken sand into their lungs in addition to water. Since our village is an island, there are no transportation, medical & meagre educational facilities, it took 2 hours to reach nearest town which is 16 Km away from my village. By that time, 6 out 7 were died, Sir.

Chairman: You are telling about an incident in your village. In that case who will respond first?
Raju: (3-4 seconds silence)
Chairman: Whether it is Block development officer, Doctor, or Police.
Raju: Sir, It is the police to respond first.
Chairman: Then, you are in IPS. Why did you come?
Raju: Sir, even for police it took 2 hours to reach that place as there is not enough transportation facilities.
Chairman: Thank you.
Raju: Thank you, Sir. Thank you, Madam. Thank you, Sirs.

Courtesy: http://ramyasindhu.sulekha.com/blog/post/2007/05/interview-given-by-ias-2007-1st-ranker-muthyala-raju-word.htm

INterview 8 : Mr ANurag

These are the details of my interview here held on 4rth April 2007. I have tried to present the interview as it happened.

I was allotted a table along with four other candidates. It was a great solace to meet four other souls in same state of mind and butterflies in their stomach. We chatted and felt good. One hour passed quickly and I did not at all feel nervous.

A clerk came quietly to our table and said “Subir Dutta ka board hai”. Not all were amused by his name. Within minutes we found out he was a retired IAS, former defense secretary, and was ‘not very friendly’.

I was third to be interviewed. My heart was beating fast. I went near my chair and wished them Good Morning, wishing the lady member first. (It was a five member board with one lady member, let them be M1, M2, M3 and M4)

Subir Dutta: Sit down Mr. Anurag
Anurag: Thank you sir (Adapts an imposed smile on his face and gives a smile to all the members. They all have stern expressions)

Subir Dutta: So Mr. Anurag you have done B. Tec in Mechanical Engg. from ……. (I take it as a cue for prompting)
Anurag : IIT Kanpur Sir

Subir Dutta: You got this Outstanding B. Tech project award, what was it.
Anurag : Explains it in brief and turns his head (somewhat like a table fan) to meet the eyes of all members

Subir Dutta: You have worked for six months in Asian Paints, why did you leave
Anurag: Sir I always wanted to come for civil services but I wanted to get some work experience before coming here.

Subir Dutta: (looks interested) Why do you want to come to civil services?
Anurag: Sir I learnt a lot in my engineering but I felt that my field is getting narrowed. I wanted to work not only among machines but also among human beings. Civil services offer an opportunity to work directly among people. Apart from this, it is a wonderful career opportunity with a motivation of working for the society.

Subir Dutta: And you also got this summer training scholarship form University of Stuttgart?
Anurag : Yes sir.

Subir Dutta: When was it and for how long?
Anurag: I explain…

M2: So how did you go?
Anurag: Sir it was by Turkish airlines. I went to Istanbul and then to Stuttgart.

M2: Oh, so you did not take the traditional route from Frankfurt. This route must be cheaper.
Anurag: Yes sir, this was the reason (a smile comes on my face)

M2: OK, what is the distance between Stuttgart and Frankfurt?
Anurag: I think 200 km.

M2: Stuttgart and Berlin?
Anurag: nearly 400 km

M2: Stuttgart and Bonn?
Anurag: nearly 400 km

M2: Stuttgart and Hungary?
Anurag: nearly 400 km.

Subir Dutta: Mr. Anurag what are your 16th and 17th preference of services?
Anurag: Sir they are IFS and IPS. I gave them this preference because I do not want to enter these.

Subir Dutta: Why?
Anurag: Sir I have some family commitments and it shall be difficult for me to stay abroad for longer durations.
I did not fill IPS because I felt I do not have the right kind of temperament needed to be an IPS officer. I tried to know more about this service but I was not convinced. I felt if I still filled it, I shall be dishonest with myself and the service (this was a well rehearsed answer)

Subir Dutta: What is the total Income tax collected?
Anurag: Sorry sir, I don’t know

Subir Dutta: (with a small sarcastic smile) I felt you did so much research while filling the service preferences, you would be knowing it.
Anurag : (tries to maintain a smile on his face)

Subir Dutta gestures other members to ask their questions

M2: Mr. Anurag, IIT’s were made to do some good research but that task has not been achieved what do you say?
Anurag: Yes sir, this may partially be true. IIT’s were made primary for research but over the years it has been felt that the outcome is not as expected. The number of undergraduates is twice that that of postgraduates, and IIT’s could not attract students primarily for research purpose

M2: Do you think there is Brain Drain?
Anurag: May be 20 years before there was, but not now.

M2: Define Brain Drain
Anurag: I define it

M2: But we are using technologies invented in west. So where is this brain drain?
Anurag: Yes sir that’s a valid point of view and we may also see things like this

Subir Dutta: Mr. Anurag, I forgot to ask you one question. Some persons come to me with a BE degree some come with a B. Tech degree. What is the difference?
Anurag: I explain (I had expected this so I gave the answer I found on internet)

Subir Dutta: (not very satisfied by my answer) What is the difference between engineering and technology?
Anurag: Sorry sir, I do not know the literal difference.

M3: Mr. Anurag, what is the temperament needed to be an IPS officer.
Anurag: It shall be very difficult to define the temperament sir; it was more of a feeling. I tried to know more about the service but I was not convinced.

M3: So what did you try to know?
Anurag: I read about IPS officers who had made name. I found that they all wanted to be in police from the beginning. Reverse was the case with me.

M3: And?
Anurag: I have also done NCC for one year

M3: and you did not like it?
Anurag: No sir, I liked and it was a very good experience. But something similar to this as a career preference. I feel my priorities lie somewhere else.

M3: Mr. Anurag, we have these revenue services. But research has shown that 90% taxes are collected in pre assessment stage itself. These services help only in collecting 10% taxes. Why we should not abolish these services?
Anurag: (I have no idea what to say) Sir but these services must be providing talented human resources which must be used for that pre assessment collection.

M3: In a way repeats his question
Anurag: Sir I was unaware of this fact…..

M3: Yes it is a fact; government of India’s white paper has said this.
Anurag: (I smile) May be sir even this 10% that these services collect is very important for the nation.

M3: (he also starts smiling) Ok

M4: Recently online degrees have been started by IIT’s. What is your opinion about them?
Anurag: I support this by saying now the reach of education can be improved.

M4: Do you know any other western university doing this
Anurag: No sir, I specifically do not know, but many must be doing it.

M4: MIT is doing it. Where is MIT?
Anurag: Boston

M4: Yes Boston, Massachusetts.

M2: Anurag, you have seen education system in Germany and India. What difference did you observe?
Anurag: Sir education is free there, and government is trying to attract students from all over the world as their population is declining.

M2: What else?
Anurag: I can’t remember anything else sir.

M2: They focus more on technical education.
Anurag: Yes sir

M1: What do you know about “Specific Energy policy of India”
Anurag: (I had never heard about it) Madam I do not know exactly what this is but I can tell about it.

M1: (she nods)
Anurag: I tell all major things about energy, from power sector reforms to diversification to non conventional energy sources.

M1: Do you think Jatropa farming is successful
Anurag: Yes maam (I explain with certain problems involved)

M2: What is virtual university?
Anurag: (I could have easily guessed it but….) Sir may I guess??

M2: No, tell only if you know for sure.
Anurag: Sorry sir I do not know.

M3: Mr. Anurag the services you want to enter are the most corrupt services. What will you do to curb corruption?
Anurag: I explain by specially mentioning to use technology.

M3: (with a smile) Use technology and problem would be solved?
Anurag: Not sir (with a smile) but use technology more often, it will help.

Subir Dutta: Ok Anurag, you can go now.

I thanked everyone, but I do not remember them smiling back at me. They all looked busy in themselves and I came out. All this happened in just 25 minutes!

I had this strange feeling, I did not think it went very good, I did not think it went bad. I was confident; I was smiling, so I am satisfied by my performance.

I do not exactly till date what went wrong. After all the speculations the verdict is known to me. It was not a very good interview and I scored a meagre 150. But there is a silver lining too. I scored 1139 in mains so could still manage 27th rank :)

Courtesy: http://anuragsbuzz.blogspot.com/2007/04/my-upsc-interview-results-are-not-yet.html

Interview 9 : Mr. Abhijeet Agrawal

K.K Paul: What is your Roll No.?

K.K Paul: What is your date of Birth?

K.K Paul: What is Buckminster?

--- Is it a molecule or allotrope of carbon?

K.K Paul: What is Fullerene?

What are its uses?

K.K Paul: What are conducting Polymers ?

---- I replied Sorry Sir I don't know then He said “You must be knowing
this as you are a material science Engineer"

K.K Paul: What you have been doing since two and half year after your graduation

(Well ,the same question was also asked from my engineering friends who

were in the same board on that session )

K.K Paul: How did you developed cooking as your Hobby

Passed on to Member1 (Lady Member)

Member1: What do you understand by the term “Gender Disparity"

Member1: What is the level of Male and Female literacy rate of Jharkhand?

Member1: What do you understand by “Adverse Sex Ratio"

Member1: Is female infanticide a Crime?

Member1: are there any law regarding Female infanticide and female feticide

Member1: What do you mean by communally sensitive areas and as a DM how will

you handle such areas

Member1: What you generally cook...What is your favourite dish...

Member1: As the mess secretary whose interest you will protect: the person who are

making food or the person who are eating the food..( I said that I will try

to protect the interest of both of Them)

Member1: and if there is a clash of interest then?


Member2: Right from district to State to the centre, how will you remove corruption from the system and what steps have already been taken.

Member2: Which agency tackles with the charges of corruption?

Member2: What are the constitutional provisions for S.T.s and S.C.s

Member2: Is there any right to prevent the atrocities of S.T.s and S.C.s

Member2: Do you know about Administrative reforms Commission?

Member2: Have you gone through any of the report of Second ARC

( I said “ No Sir”)

Member2: What do you know about Sachhar Committee?


Member3: Who chairs Rajya Sabha?

Member3: How the Vice President is Elected?

Member3: What is our national bird

Member3: Who wrote “My Experiments with Truth”

Member3: Who wrote” Good Earth”

Member3: Can I ask you something from Chemistry ( I said with confidence “ yes Sir”)

Then he asked me “What is Avogadro’s principle”

I said “sir can I make a guess” he said No.

Member3: What are the constitutional rights of arrested persons

Member3: Do you know about Sri Krishna Commission.

Member3: What are the laws to protect the Environment?

Member3: What are the functions of U.G.C?

Member4: It is said that India is a good and vibrant democracy so you tell me that apart

from India which other democracies in the world are good and vibrant?

Member4: What is the Difference between Indian Democracy and U.S. Democracy

Member4: Which one would be more suitable for India (Parliamentary form or

Presidential form of government)

Member4: Do you know Obama and Mccain

Member4: Who is Hillary Clinton?

Chairman said” Ok your interview is over”

Courtesy: http://abhijeetagrawal.blogspot.com

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