Thursday, August 6, 2009

Download NCERT books and last year papers for IAS

You can download NCERT books from the link given below

You can download last year papers for IAS (both mains and pre) from the link given below


tamanna said...

Hi Vinay,ur blog is extremely helpful for new comers.
I m planning for CSE-2010.What I wanna ask u is that, I started reading HINDU frm 1st AUG itself,that means I have already missed my may-june, what should I do to compensate that portion.
One more thing I would like to ask u is , how imp is reading INDIA YEAR BOOK.

Vinay said...

Hi Tamanna. To compensate for your May - June current affairs you can buy Competition Wizard (Monthly Issues) for these 2 months. In case you are not able to get its issues then buy Pratiyogita Darpan.

I would suggest you to read India year book atleast 2-3 times before your pre exam. I know it wont be possible to learn everything in it. But going through it would help you to learn most important fact easily in the end. In March, there would be books in the market with the Summary which will have almost all the important facts to learn. But since you have time, I would suggest you to read India Year Book.
And to make use of it in the best way, You have to combine Newspaper + India Year BOok. Highlights all those things which are in news in your India Year Book. For eg - You wont be able to learn name of all the TIger Sanctuaries in India. But Since Buxa in West Bengal was in news, make it a point that you dont forget it.

tamanna said...

Hi V inay, thax 4 ansg.
I m actually confused with the syllabus,as I m preparing of my own, I don't know what to read n what to leave.2ndly I heard people saying that GS paper is going to be tough next yr as it is easy this yr, bc'z current is not a problm at all, but some q. that I saw in pre. papers were a bit different, I mean they were not difficult, but were not so easy to make aright guess.How is this CST and CHRONICLE, I m following these 2 books.One more thing, is that true that 4 preparing 4 pre xm, 1 just hav to go through newspapers n magazines starting right there frm may, bc'z in may portion books covers maxm of Gk part n not GS N WHAT IS THE RELEVANCE OF CONVENTIONAL GK in xm...........

Vinay said...

I would suggest you to read my 2 posts How n from whr to begin n 3 must things for IAS. That would help you in deciding what to read and what to leave.
About paper being tough next year. you should not be worried about that. Right now you should be more focused on your preparation. I m sure if you preparation is up to the mark, you wont find it that tough even if it is
About 3rd query you dont need to attempt all questions. SOme questions would always b there which no one can answer so dont worry much about them.You have to attempt around 55% questions correctly.
4th query - I would suggest you to prefer COmpetition WIzard than other magazines. Reason being CW is jst for civils but PD and Chronicle are written keeping in mind all candidates who are preparing for PO, NDA, CDS, MBA, IAS. SO there would be many unrelevant information in them which wont be useful for you in IAS.
These days focus is being shifted to current affairs rather than conventional GK mainly facts. But since you have time I would suggest you to learn as much as you can. But newspaper and magazines should always get priority

Sujeet said...


Your blog is extremely helpful.

I am CSE 2010 aspirant with Geographyh (Prelims) and Public Administration as my optional. Basically I am a science student, done BSC in Biotechnology.

I found physical geography very tough, plz give me guidance for this particular area and how to tackle other parts. many questions are needed to clear prelims with geography subject. Also need ur suggestion for further planning to tackle prelims+mains. If you have any time-table sort of thing. plz provide it to me.

Waiting for ur reply,


anubhav said...

its a nice and helpful blog though..
thanks for sharing ur expereinces

piku said...

Sir , my dob-30-6-1984, i am electrical engineer and mba in marketing,HR.I have 11 months work exp as engineer and presently working at ABG, ultrtaech cemet in Logistics and SCM. I had a severe family problem which arrived 2 months ago under this unavoidable situation i was no option to left job and to go back to my home town bhubaneswar with job,Now i am in notice period and leaving finally from job by 12th june 2011,I am leaving my bright future and career for shake of family reasons .In the thought of future career and family problems to stabilize my brain all most stopped and i am going under hypertension , in this mean time ONLY THOUGHT COMING TO ME PREPARE FOR CIVIL SERVICES, THOUGH I KNOW I HAVE LITTLE TIME IN MY HAND NOW I HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF MY FAMILY BY STAYING WITH THEM , SEARCHING FOR A JOB AND ALSO TO LOOK TOWARDS MY FUTURE, KINDLY GUIDE ME HOW SHOULD I START PREPARATION FOR CIVIL SERVICES THOUGH MY SITUATION IS A DO OR DIE FOR ME. KINDLY GUIDE ME WHAT TO DO , HOW TO START ,AND ALSO MY ACADEMIC IS 10TH; 85, +2 56, ENG: 69.8 AND MBA 70.2, SO U KNOW I NOT A SO GOOD IN ACADEMIC, PLZ GUIDE ME

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